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Jawline Contouring
with Botox
While BOTOX® is a fabulous way to get rid of wrinkles, smoothing out creases in the skin isn't the only thing that it can do to improve an individual's appearance. It can also modify the contour of the jawline.

For many of us, an attractive female face is defined by such features as large bright eyes, a small nose and clear skin. The overall shape of the face is that of an inverted triangle or heart, where the top of the face gradually tapers off into the chin. A square jawline is considered more of a masculine feature that gives the face a boxier shape, and it is for this reason that jawline contouring has become a popular cosmetic procedure.

Cosmetic jawline contouring is typically performed on women. It has the ability to achieve a less prominent jawline, create a harmonious balance with other facial features and soften the appearance.
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