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Naso-Labial Fold Augmentation
with Restylane
We frequently use a threading technique along the nasolabial fold, concentrating on the upper Y-shaped area below the nares and lateral to the ala. Deepening of this area is related to age-induced loss of fat so correction will produce a more youthful appearance. Because there is less movement in this area close to the nose, correction persists well. The further down the nasolabial fold one is correcting, toward the smile lines beside the oral commissure, the shorter the duration of the correction. In addition, the smile lines are produced by the expression of a positive emotion and so correction of this area may be less of a priority. Discussion of this differential treatment of the nasolabial folds with the subject prior to treatment is very important. Injection is in the mid-to-deep dermis. Where it is available, RESTYLANE® Perlane is often used for nasolabial fold correction.
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