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Nose Reshaping
with Restylane
Non surgical nosejobs using Restylane, an injectable cosmetic filler, are becoming a popular alternative to traditional rhinoplasty. The benefits of nose reshaping through injections of Restylane rather than surgery include a shorter procedure and faster recovery period, as well as a reduction in pain and other potential side effects. If you are looking for a way to change mild or moderate imperfections in the shape of your nose, a non-surgical nose job using Restylane may be the answer.

Non-surgical nose jobs use one of a variety of injectable cosmetic solutions to gently reshape the nose. Restylane is a popular cosmetic filler used for filling in fine lines and wrinkles, as well as increasing the volume of lips, cheeks, and other facial areas, in addition to nose reshaping

The Restylane Procedure

The procedure of injecting Restylane into the nose is often referred to as a "15 minute nosejob" because of its short duration. After a numbing cream is applied, Restylane is injected through a fine needle into several locations on the nose. Patients are free to return home immediately following this nearly pain-free procedure.

The Restylane injection used for non-surgical nose jobs is a clear gel containing hyaluronic acid. This acid occurs naturally in the body. Once inside the body, Restylane works by filling in lines and wrinkles from within the skin. Non-surgical nose jobs using Restylane injections can straighten a curved or asymmetrical nose, smooth out bumps, or change the shape of the nose tip.
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