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Versatile Diode Technology for Acne, Acne Scars and Wrinkles
What is Smoothbeam?
Smoothbeam is a procedure used to reduce the appearance of acne, acne and wrinkles on the face and back. Smoothbeam uses a laser that works by targeting and heating the collagen and sebaceous glands in the dermis (layer of skin under the epidermis) while protection the epidermis (the outermost layer of skin). Smoothbeam helps to stimulate the body's natural collagen-building process. It is considered a multi-effect non-ablative treatment since it does not burn, cut or remove the skin. Since it works beneath the skin's surface patients may not experience peeling, although redness or changes in pigment may result.

What does Smoothbeam target?
Smoothbeam targets the upper dermis of the skin to alter the sebaceous glands that are the root cause of chronic acne. Smoothbeam is effective on fine-to-moderate wrinkles around the eyes and eyelids, acne scarring, active acne and the rebuilding of collagen.

How do Smoothbeam treatments work?
Smoothbeam applies photo-thermal energy directly to the sebaceous glands by utilizing the energy of laser light, while applying a cryogen spray to the surface of the skin to cool the dermal layer during treatment. This process triggers the production of new collagen, which fills and softens acne scars "from the inside out" by lifting up the depressions that have been caused by chronic acne.

How many treatments are required and how long do the results last?
Typically, three to four treatments are required to experience maximum results. Research has shown that within eight weeks of the first treatment, patients exhibited an 83% reduction in facial acne with a remission period of up to 18 months.
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